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Vision and ethos

To enable our children to be the best they can be.

Recognising the best version of ourselves can take a lifetime to achieve. Very few of us have clarity and vision from a young age to know exactly who we are and what we want to accomplish in life. Brooklands’ has at its heart a mission to support and encourage every one of our children to become the ‘best you can be’. This might sound like a bold mission but it is one I strongly believe in. By helping our children to recognise their strengths and building on them as well as recognising where they might be a little weaker and working with them to build skills and confidence to make these areas stronger, we actively support and enable our young people to realise their dreams. Unlocking passions, encouraging them to try new things and creating shared learning adventures all contribute to them discovering their confidence and best self from a young age.

With the children at the HEART of our school we:

Have high expectations that we will work hard in order to get better. Enjoy bringing learning to life through discovery, fun and adventure. Stimulate children's    aspirations to help them build skills for life, and to strive for excellence. Promote respect and understanding of ourselves and others. Encourage our children to challenge themselves and try new things

High Expectations




Try new things