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Punctuality and Absence

Our whole school community has a responsibility for ensuring good school attendance. 

There are 190 school days in an academic year, leaving 175 days fee for families. Please remember that headteachers are not permitted to grant leave of absence on school days unless there are exceptional circumstances. If you need to take time out of school for any reason please contact the school to arrange an appointment to make a request for permission.

Whenever possible, we ask parents to make every effort to avoid making medical or dental appointments during the school day and try to arrange these during school holidays or after school. (We do appreciate that this is not always possible.) Where appointments in school time are unavoidable, it is essential that you both take and collect your child from school, bringing them back once their appointment is over. The Local Authority also requires that we hold evidence of their appointment for school records.

Every school day counts towards your child's future. Days off school add up to lost learning.