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Physical Education

We are lucky at Brooklands to have so many sporting role models. Brooklands staff regularly share their sporting interests with our children, from Marie Hunting running half marathons to Charlie Goddard playing football for Brantham, across the school our children are being inspired to get active.

Lunchtimes are a great time for fun and activity for our children and here at Brooklands we provide the opportunity and encourage our children to take part in exciting and dynamic new sports such as Tchoukball and Quicksticks.

We also host a ‘Club Market’ where local clubs of all kinds from Irish dancing to rugby share what they do and provide the opportunity for our children to try a new activity that they may not have done before. We know from experience that by creating the opportunities for our children to try a new sport or activity this can lead to greater confidence to try new things and ignite a new passion. 

As a school we take part in several cross-school tournaments including badminton, cross country and basketball. These tournaments provide a friendly, yet competitive environment for our children to compete against others of a strong standard.

Brooklands has also invested in the purchase of balance bikes, pedal bikes and helmets. Our Early Years children take part in structured sessions that build their confidence, spacial awareness and balance skills helping them to ride a bicycle proficiently and safely.