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Our Parents

We often talk about what makes a “Brooklands’ learner” and in identifying those stand out qualities we recognise a range of attributes. When we think of a child at Brooklands we think of someone who embodies the ethos to try new things; perseverance; understanding others; and learning from mistakes.

But what makes a Brooklands parent? Very often when we think of our parents we think of one knee-deep in mud at Forest School but more than this our parents embrace our muddy, discovery filled days, filling washing machines across Brantham with mud covered clothing and sharing in their child’s world of adventure. Our parents appreciate that the most memorable days usually end with the muddiest clothes! What also makes our parents stand out is their shared commitment and engagement with the school, always on hand to support and help. Our parents also make the greatest cheerleaders. They are our commenters and consistent like generators. Through their participation on ClassDojo our parents immerse themselves in our wonderful classroom moments. Not just raising the roof for their own child but also in recognising and celebrating the achievements of others across the school. Being that cheerleader for someone else. It is all of this which adds such warmth and encouragement to all that we do.