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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page. Below are some of the most asked questions by parents which we have answered below.

Do we have any influence over which class my child is in and the friends that are with them?

You will be given the opportunity to provide the school with the name information you feel is relevant to your child e.g. friendships. This, along with detailed transition information provided by your child’s current setting will be used to place children into classes. Organising the classes takes into account boy/girl ratios, additional needs, term of birth and friendships.

When will we find out my child's class and teacher?

If your child is moving during the school year you will find out which class your child is in when you are offered a school place. For children starting school in September you will receive details in the Summer term.

My Child won't know anyone starting school, and i am worried

Our main focus is that every child settles and feels safe at school, and our staff are highly skilled in getting to know children on their visits, and will pay particular attention to friendships they may form. Children moving to Brooklands from a different school will be given a Buddy to support their start with us.

WHat are the school opening/closing times?

We start school at 8.50am. The gate is open from 8.40am to allow for a staggered start. Any latecomers must then report to the school office. School finishes at 3:20pm. Any children that are still at school after this point are then taken to the front entrance.

Is there car parking available at school?

The school car park is for the use of staff and visitors only. Please do not use the school car park unless you require disabled parking. We have 2 disabled parking bays. The school is situated on residential roads and we ask parents to park legally and with due consideration for our neighbours.

Is there before and after school provision?

Brooklands Young Explorers runs our wrap around service onsite. This operates Monday to Friday 7.30am - 8.40am and 3.20pm – 6.30pm. For details click here.

What after school clubs can my child attend?

At Brooklands we offer a variety of clubs for different age groups. These run after school from 3.20pm. A timetable for clubs is circulated termly and is also available via the school office.

can my child cycle/scooter to school?

Yes, your child can cycle/scooter to and from school and leave their bike or scooter in the shelters. Children need to dismount their bike when they arrive at school and walk their bike to the bicycle rack.

Where can i buy uniform?

Jumpers with the logo are available online  here. You can buy grey trousers/skirts, white polo shirts and other uniform items at any local supermarket or clothing stores.

How do i contact the school?

Please telephone the school office on 01206 392291 or email

How can i contact my child's class teacher?

Please speak with your class teacher at the end of the school day or telephone the office for an appointment. For non-urgent matters you can message the class teacher on ClassDojo.

How we care for your child

Should you experience a period of family difficulty, such as bereavement, illness or conflict which you feel may affect your child we would ask that you share that information with us, in confidence, so that we can give your child the extra support, consideration and understanding to deal with their problems or difficulties.

What if my child feels unwell is ill?

If your child is not well enough to be in school please telephone the school office on 01206 392291 to report your child’s absence before 9:30am detailing the reason they are absent from school and when they are expected to return.

What if my child feels unwell at school?

If your child has an accident or feels unwell at school, we have a number of staff who will administer first aid and if necessary contact you and ask that you collect your child. We have trained first aiders on site at all times.

What should i do if my child has a medical appointment?

Medical appointments should be made for before/after school hours but if this is unavoidable then please provide us with medical evidence beforehand.

Can my child be given medication whilst at school?

Yes, parents must complete a permission form giving us details about the medicine, how much to take and what time to take this medicine. Please note, without this form we are not permitted to give your child any medicine.

Can i take my child out of school during term time for a holiday?

There is no automatic entitlement for children to have leave of absence for a holiday during term time. If you believe you have 'exceptional circumstances', please contact the school office.

When are the school Holidays?

Term dates are available on the school website. Click here.

How will i know what is happening?

Newsletters keep parents up to date on all the events and activities taking place. Click here.

The school calendar is also available on the website. Click here.

How can i get involved in school activities?

Our parents assist our class teachers with a wide range of activities, both in and out of the classroom. If you would like to help in school please contact the school office. 

Our active Parent Teacher Association organise many events at the school throughout the year and new volunteers and help are always welcome.

Each year, we ask for your thoughts and comments about our school through a parent questionnaire. The responses to these are extremely helpful to us as we seek to work with parents to make our school even better.

We have a termly Parent Forum, where parents can meet with the Headteacher. They work together to seek the views of other parents on new developments and share ideas.

is my child eligible for free school meals?

Children from Early to Year 2 are entitled to a universal free school meal. From Year 3 onwards you will have to pay for a lunch unless you are entitled to free school meals. If you think you are eligible please visit to apply for free school meals for your child.

Click here to find out if your child is eligible for free school meals and how to apply.

How much are school meals?

If you have to pay for a lunch, the cost is £2.35 - this must be paid on Arbor.

My child has food allergies, what can i do?

If your child has food allergies that are medically diagnosed, you should request a Medical diet request form from the school office for completion. This, once returned, can be processed by our school meal providers to ensure a safe choice is available for your child.

Where will my child go when they finish Brooklands in Year 6?

Due to our geographical location, our pupils go on to various secondary schools including East Bergholt High School, Holbrook Academy and Manningtree High School.

How can i complain if i am unhappy about something?

If you have a concern or problem relating to any aspect of the school, we hope that an informal discussion, initially with a teacher, and then, if necessary, the Deputy Headteacher or Headteacher will enable us to work with you to resolve any issues. If the outcome is still not satisfactory after this, there is a formal procedure you can follow. Click here for our complaints policy.

I am worried that my child has additional needs. Who do i talk to?

If you have concerns, please have a discussion with the class teacher or book an appointment with the Special Educational Needs Coordinator, who can meet with you and go through any concerns you have.

My child is being bullied, what do i do?

We take bullying very seriously at Brooklands. If you are concerned your child is being bullied please speak to their class teacher in the first instance. If you are unhappy with their response to the situation then please arrange an appointment with our deputy headteacher.