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Brooklands Primary School

Our School

Many visitors to the school comment on its warm and welcoming atmosphere. Children and staff work together to create a lively and stimulating environment.

We work hard to develop every child, recognising their talents and strengths, different needs and abilities, as well as putting a high emphasis on pair, group and teamworking, enhancing our children's abilities to negotiate and collaborate.

Our class identities and house teams offer great opportunities to foster a spirit of teamwork. Children relish attaining points for their teams in recognition of their efforts.

We also have a very active School Council which offers the chance for children to have a voice in the work of the school. Children's views are listened to and respected by their peers and staff. These ideas are supported through our curriculum, encouraging reflection and multi-level questioning.



Our outdoor space is an enormous asset to the school. We have: an onsite forest area including log circle and willow domes, a butterfly garden, an outdoor stage, gardening plots for each of our classes, an expansive sports field, an adventure playground and an outdoor swimming pool.





We pride ourselves in being able to offer our children learning opportunities using the very latest technology, including the use of a bank of 60 LearnPads and 30 Fizzbooks.

 Our school Learning Platform, is an internet-accessible site that allows our children to continue their learning at home and can be accessed from the Kid Zone on our website.