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School Expansion

Over the next few years we will see Brooklands grow and flourish, extending its accommodation from 210 places to 315 places. 

Advantages of school expansion:

  • Lots of staff expertise and talent to share, grow new staff, lead curriculum areas etc.
  • Many opportunities for peer support and professional development.
  • Greater financial flexibility.
  • Enhanced curriculum provision for pupils.

The school site has experienced its most significant transformation since it was originally built, and our children have watched on with enjoyment as cranes to forklifts, bricklayers to electricians have worked to build our stunning, state of the art new teaching facility. There has also been continued rejuvenation of Brooklands outdoor space with the installation of a new trim trail and additional bike and scooter storage, extended car parking and increased early years outside space with climbing equipment, playground resurfacing and a new porch entrance into the school.

Since September 2021 there has been a period of growth to a pupil admissions number (PAN) of 45 in the first phase and then a PAN of 60 in phase 2.