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Politeness and Manners

Brooklands’ visitors are very quick to comment on the manners and communication skills of our children. Comments like ‘A really lovely day with courteous, polite pupils’ and ‘The children are extremely well-behaved and helpful’. Getting compliments about our children is one of the best feelings and we want our children to be known for treating others well through acts of kindness and selflessness.

Brooklands is proud to have a strong base in our community and values its strong relationships with parents, children and their teachers. You will see teachers and support staff extending care with simple questions like ‘How are you today?’, ‘If you need any help, I am just here...’. These simple, genuine questions mean a lot and help to build relationships and show our children that we care. Our children play a vital role too, being that friend, that team member, a friendly class mate who is always there to lend a hand and take time to ask others how they are doing.

Mutual respect, manners and courtesy are fundamental in our communication and a building block for developing strong relationships throughout our lives. So whether it’s an interview for a job or meeting prospective in-laws the outcome will be influenced by the model behaviour our children see around them today.

Brooklands places a spotlight on good manners. We all recognise how our children learn from the examples they see around them and with this in mind our school leaders encourage teachers to look for opportunities to model good manners. From simple activities like holding a door open for each other or saying good morning. 

Our 'Who Are You Today?' posters around the school promote this.

To support our efforts we ask parents to assist us, modelling good behaviour and praising your child whenever you catch them using good manners or demonstrating an act of kindness.