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Our Children

Our children are curious, excited, impulsive, eager and persistent. They have the imagination to solve a problem, rather than the experience that might make them give up. They have the confidence that something you do might make a difference and have the will to do it. We celebrate these things and at Brooklands we want our children to do extraordinary things.

We want our children to learn from other children around the world and across history who made things happen. The fearless activists, brilliant inventors, champion athletes, gifted creators and inspiring leaders. We want our children to be inspired by trailblazers who have influenced change with their passion, courage and determination.

Every day, around the world, so many children are doing incredible things. They’re not rich or famous. On the television or online. They’re just regular children living their regular lives but doing things remarkable every day, in their own way. Perhaps your child is one of them. Are they the fearless and willing to take on a challenge? Or the creative kind, dreaming up new ways of solving problems? Perhaps they are ambitious, with the drive to succeed, or are they the kind that never gives up, always believing in better? At Brooklands our children are provided with opportunities to make the world a better place and together we are nurturing ‘difference makers’. Whether it’s the opportunity to plant trees in our woodland or helping someone in our community, every changemaker is contributing to making our world a better place.